Knowledge Is Power When It Comes To Your Estate Plan

If you are like many Americans who do not have an estate plan in place, your hesitance to move forward with a plan may stem from a lack of understanding of the probate process and from feelings of intimidation related to the gravity of the decisions to be made.  A recent article on financial news website MarketWatch can help to boost your understanding of the probate process and make you feel more confident as you start thinking about your estate plan.  In this piece, estate planning experts provide a comprehensive summary of information to guide individuals through the three common estate planning questions below:

1. How do I avoid probate?

2. Do I need a lawyer to write a will?

3. How do I pick an executor for my will?

While the idea of constructing an estate plan can be overwhelming, developing your understanding of the estate planning and probate processes will make it seem less formidable.