Holiday Conversation Starters

Looking for some reading material to pass the time as you travel this holiday season? Kiplinger’s comprehensive guide to estate planning provides a solid base of information for those thinking about creating or updating an estate plan. Consider discussing some key topics from Kiplinger’s guide with family and friends over the coming months:

  • Does your existing estate plan still makes sense given your present situation in life and the current climate of estate tax law?

  • Should you utilize a trust to handle asset distribution, protect your privacy, or avoid the probate process?

  • What type of information could you share with your family members regarding your estate plan to ease tension and establish expectations?

  • How should your assets be divided (equally or unequally) among your loved ones and when should those distributions be made?

  • Should you make lifetime gifts to decrease the amount of assets you hold at the time of your death and to take advantage of the annual gift tax exemption?

Safe travels, and happy planning!